Unsolicited Marketing Calls

Calls made to numbers registered with the telephone preference service

We recently learnt that a telemarketing company used by Easylife had been making sales calls to the numbers of some of our customers, who had registered with the Telephone Preference Service, to avoid receiving unsolicited sales calls. Although our enquiries in relation to precisely what happened are still continuing, we believe that the phone numbers called were those of customers who had provided their details to us prior to January 2021. As soon as we learnt that this had been going on, we immediately took steps to ensure that no such further calls were made. We can only apologise that this occurred. Our customers rightly expect that we operate to the highest possible standards and comply with all UK regulations. In this instance, the telemarketing company we use clearly let us and some of you down.

Should you wish to register with the telephone preference service not to receive unsolicited marketing calls then please use this link: https://www.tpsonline.org.uk/register

Should you wish to change your marketing preferences email [email protected]