Let's talk about heaters and all the other ways in which you can keep yourself and home warm and cosy when the cold weather arrives.

Most of the time when we discuss heaters, we think about the gas heaters, oil heaters, and electric heaters, but at Positive Health we take this notion one step forward. We bring you a range of heating products that add warmth to every aspect of your life.

Heaters are about more than those bulky appliances that take up space. At Positive Health this term can refer to the classic hot water bottle that provides additional comfort, microwaveable warm bags that can beat the winter blues, or even a simple fluffy blanket. It can even extend far beyond this, to insulating your home from the cold by blocking off cracks and other gaps where the chilly air creeps in.

Regardless of what you refer to as a heater, our extensive range has it all. With Positive Health, being cold is all part of the past! Some of our heating solutions are perfectly portable too, so you can stay toasty while on the go.