Visual Aids

There are so many factors that affect our eyesight on a daily basis. Before we know it, we find ourselves squinting to see things more clearly. It's time to give your eyes a break and offer them the assistance they need, in style.

Positive Health has a great range of visual aids that can turn blurry words into crisp, clear letters, make seeing the TV easier, or simply transform the way you view the world through new eyes. We stock fashion reader glasses in a range of great looking frames, as well as magnifying glasses that enhance what you see by up to 160%.

Our visual aids are affordable and accessible, and we have what you need to view the world in a new light. Our range is designed to help you see more clearly and to stop straining your eyes or squinting to see what you're looking at.

Don't let poor vision get the better of you, discover our range of visual aids to see the world more clearly.