Pest Repellents

Your home is where you get to sit back and enjoy a sense of peace. That's why it can be so incredibly frustrating when you have dedicated hours of your life to planting and nurturing your garden, only to have your plants and flowers destroyed by a few pesky pests. Or when you're lounging on the couch trying to relax, and suddenly you hear the all too familiar buzzing of a fly.

At Positive Health, we strive to help all of our valued customers find solutions to their domestic pain points. This is why we stock a varied range of pest repellents, from sprays to plug-ins, door screens, light up deterrents and electric fly repellers.

We have a pest repellent solution to suit the varying needs of our customers. Each one has been tested to the highest safety standards and is safe to use in your home or garden. Make pests a thing of the past with Positive Health's innovative solutions.